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Pacific Foundry Company

Pacific Foundry Company (PFC) is an exporter of China's specialized roll manufacturers, which have over 40 years of history with metallurgical mill rolls.

Mill rolls are high technological products integrated by melting, casting, forging, heat treatment and machining. Foundries have established a high quality mill roll production line to manufacture heavy-duty single poured, duplex cast steel rolls, centrifugal double poured series of cast iron rolls, deep-hardening forged steel cold rolling series of rolls, and all kinds of sleeves, making it possible to supply whole set of quality rolls to various modernized rolling mills. 

The Foundries have passed ISO 9002 in mill roll production and has established a computerized managing information system (MIS). PFC's products have gained high reputation in foreign markets, as it is exporting to the United States, Canada and Central and South America.

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